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Our operations centres

Ensuring that business applications always work satisfactorily and that data is protected to safeguard the company's competitive ability and reputation have become essential conditions. To achieve this goal of efficiency and security, every company must be able to count on increasingly varied skills, which guarantee system operation, optimal network operation and data protection.

To support our customers DPWAY has implemented SOC & NOC services, also available 24/7.


Security Operation Center SOC

Infrastructure thanks to which the management, analysis, monitoring and defense of a company's IT security are guaranteed. Through a team of professionals, a SOC analyzes the entire data flow and exercises control over all company devices, including cloud and third-party devices, identifying and thwarting cybersecurity attacks before they impact the company.


Network Operations Center - NOC

Center necessary to monitor and manage the continuity of services, databases, external services, firewalls and the entire network of a company. The NOC is therefore the basis of the company's nervous system, in particular for those peculiar mission critical situations. In matters of continuity, a NOC is often at the forefront of any incidents or disruptions that a business or enterprise may experience.


Smart SOCs

The Smart SOC service guarantees customers efficient management of ICT services in the area of security and networking. The service is based on the concepts of Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC). The service is aimed at all companies that by choice or by necessity have to outsource the service in outsourcing. The support provides a reactive and/or proactive logic on the following areas:

  • Technological support on devices and systems

  • Managed services on vendor and open source technologies

  • Monitoring of hosts and services

  • Proactive Security Event Monitoring (SIEM)

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