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Environmental Policy

DPWAY's primary objective is the utmost attention to the Interested Parties involved in its processes or in any case present in its reference territorial and working context. The latter takes the form of the provision of consultancy services as well as the planning and provision of training courses. All activities are united by the objective of providing an effective service in compliance with the regulations applicable to the activity and to environmental protection.

DPWAY is constantly committed to:

  • To listen to its Customers and Interested Parties with the aim of gathering, anticipating where possible, their expectations/needs so as to be able to initiate actions for their satisfaction;

  • To protect the environment, preventing or minimizing environmental impacts, implementing actions to reduce energy consumption and seeking the lowest environmental impact associated with the processes;

  • To comply with the provisions of the law, regulations and any other standard established on the subject of safety, occupational hygiene and environmental protection.

  • To pursue the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate processes with a view to continuous improvement of performance;


  • To increase the knowledge, competence and awareness of the people working internally or on their own behalf, making them aware of compliance and informing them about the risks of non-compliance;


  • To mitigate one's impact on the environment from a life cycle perspective by choosing selected products and solutions

    with a view to eco-compatibility and analysis of the life cycle of the same;


  • To implement increasingly effective operational control, surveillance and measurement systems;


  • To an audit of suppliers whose activities have an impact on the environment, and of those who provide services for

    own account and of those who provide products/services;


  • To promote communication activities aimed inside and outside the company regarding them as well

    environmental performance.

The Management makes this Policy available to all Interested Parties and undertakes to review it in the event of changes in the applicable provisions, following changes to the Context Analysis, or in any case, during the management review, in order to ascertain its topicality and coherence with its improvement objectives.

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