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What we will be tomorrow, we will build today!

Who we are

DPWAY was born from a group of professionals who decided to combine the skills and experience gained over the years, giving life to an IT consultancy company with particular attention to IT security and related processes.  We like to define ourselves as a young company, but with many years of experience given by the people who make it up.

In a world where connectivity increasingly extends from people to objects, we want to be the ferrymen towards the future for our customers, the explorers of innovative solutions, to then accompany them, in total safety, towards the realization of their potential.



The passion for technology and innovation is our main tool for identifying the most effective solutions for our customers, guided by our reference values, such as ethics and transparency, and in full awareness, as well as responsibility, of the social role that every company plays.


Ours is a philosophy that intends to combine the ability to offer digital solutions, capable of improving our customers' business processes, with the use of new models and new technologies that are increasingly responsive to the growing needs of a world that constantly requires greater innovation and digitization.

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Offering our customers services that have high standards is a commitment we take on every day. This is why we wanted to certify our processes with the most authoritative and recognized certifications on the market, so that our quality was not just a declaration of intent, but a third-party attestation.



DPWAY, through its operational headquarters in Milan, is a company associated with Assolombarda, the association of companies operating in the Metropolitan City of Milan and in the provinces of Lodi, Monza and Brianza, Pavia.

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